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Enter both codes into the above provided fields and click "Download Lead Data" button.
Incorrect data will clear the fields.

Detailed instructions:
To download your expo lead retrieval data you need two alphanumeric strings:
   - event code (4 characters long)
   - your data locator code (6 characters long)
Both strings are not case sensitive. This information was provided to you on your receipt of returned equipment. 
To retrieve your lead data file enter both codes into the above provided fields and click "Download Lead Data" button. If entered strings are correct and your data file is posted, your computer will start downloading the file with your lead data. If the codes you entered are incorrect both fields will clear.
File formats:
The lead retrieval file may be one of the following:
   - zipped file containing a number of files of various formats (you can obtain file "unzipping" utility from: www.winzip.com
   - single file in MS Excel or MS Work format
Your browser may have those file types associations. In such case, after the file is displayed in your browser, save it in desirable location in your computer.

Please, remember:
   - Your data file may not be available within the first two days after the event.
   - Pay attention to frequently confused alphanumeric characters (e.g.. "O" vs. "0").
   - Your lead data is typically available for one month from the event date unless other instructions have been posted during the event.
If you encounter a problem while accessing your lead retrieval data or you have lost required information send e-mail describing your problem to the following address: lead@7sl.com

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